Why Don't You Whisper?


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Adith thumbnail
Adith This is the best indie twee pop album I have ever heard of my life. The lyrics are catchy as hell, and the melody is insane. Favorite track: Trees + Houses.
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson thumbnail
Greg Johnson If cute was a sound it'd be the sound these guys make. Favorite track: It's Bad Enough.
stewart black
stewart black thumbnail
stewart black Beautiful pure clean and fresh pop with little barbs in the lyrics. Favorite track: I Sat on the Edge of My Bed and I Sang You Velvet Underground Songs.
timmy gogo
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timmy gogo If it weren't for Tullycraft I'd say this is the best twee album in ten years. Every song here is so amazing and the vox are heartbreaking and I wish there were more albums. I listen to this whenever I'm feeling sad. It's one of the best albums I've ever heard. PS yeah the production is insane, good luck finding stuff like this. Favorite track: Still A Fox.
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released July 1, 2011

x's and o's and a thousand thank you's for
Jim Salamone, Ryan Fogelsong, Todd Mecaughey from Cambridge Sound Studios: recording all vocal tracks, recording drums & guitar (track 12), mixing, and mastering
Eric Resnick: recording, piano (track 9), organ (track 5)
John Custer: recording (track 4)
Bobby Iacono: trumpet (track 8)
Jessie Henderson: viola (track 4)
Ethan Salem: violin (track 9)
Melissa Cell: photography
Kristina Pejovski and Joe Granato: front cover modeling
Thomas Conchie: album art
Camille Bayas: handwriting
Also a big thanks to our parents, Wendy Chan, Dr. Moss, those who donated to our kickstarter, and all of our fantastic friends and families; we couldn't have done this without you!



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CATNAPS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sticks & Stones
we can't pretend that we're in love
because we're not and you're full of
shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
you're full of shit

you cannot stop calling me names
you say it's all part of the game
even though sticks sticks and stones stones stones won't break break break my bones they'll break my heart

so lets play mercy
stop squeezing when you hurt me
do you wanna hurt me?
because i wanna play mercy

we are heartless offenders
i think it's time that we surrender
give it up
my heartless offender
Track Name: Kitten and Bear
when you when you told me
that you that you were unhappy
i asked you to say it in french
cause i thought that whatever you had to say
would sound much better that way
or at least a little bit more romantic
romantic romantic
oh my god was i wrong

they were right
when they said love was cruel
yeah they were right
and they must have known you
why the hell was i such a fool

out of sheer fear that i'd throw a fit
we stood in the living room dimly lit
i knew you were afraid to say it

i could tell that you wanted to leave
you clasped the doorknob with trembling knees
as you turned your back on me

deer in the headlights could not describe
the way that i felt that night
broken hearted and frozen with fright

like the time you ignored me in a laundromat
i think that this is something like that
except if you ask i won't take you back

when you look at me you see lonely
when i look at you i don't know what i see
Track Name: Trees + Houses
i painted a box with trees and houses
i kept all your secrets in there cause if i didn't i was afraid i might tell them
and when they escaped you said you were mad
cause now the whole wide world knows it was you who made me this sad

i wondered how
love was allowed
to destroy those
who dared to look it's way

camille suggested i start collecting something like teddy bears
so instead of hugging a grudge i'd have them to hold when you're not here
cause they don't get drunk and sing at karaoke bars
they're hardly ever trashed and they never crash my car

broken bottles of beer laying on your carpet
your mother would hate it if she were here if she saw this
but she's not so don't stop it
cause you always love me when you're drinking and i love it when you love me
Track Name: I Sat on the Edge of My Bed and I Sang You Velvet Underground Songs
i sat on the edge of my bed and i sang you velvet underground songs
half asleep you said i sounded pretty but if i asked you wouldn't sing along

cause you are so easy on the eyes
but hard on my heart
you are so easy on the eyes
but hard on my heart

i intrigue you by being so sadomasochistic
deriving pleasure from inflicting pain is something that makes you tick

that's why you're easy on the eyes
but hard on my heart
you are so easy on the eyes
but hard on my heart

you asked me if my dad owned a shotgun
or if i thought he would shoot you if he got one

but i still sat on the edge of my bed and i sang you velvet underground songs
Track Name: Alphabet Soup
remember when i told you to feed your dog
alphabet soup if you wanted him to speak he was
a husky with one blue eye
and the other brown like dirt on the ground

he used to terrorize and chase my orange tabby
until we fell off the bed onto the carpet laughing
i watched you turn into a whisper
and i wanted to hear you so i thought i'd come closer

you told me that when i grow up i'll be just like my mother
i think you thought it'd be insulting but why's it so bad to smother
everything (everything)
and everyone (everyone)
you love with affection

remember when you said that you liked poetry
you had a bad habit and it forced you to condense things
you made sure your words never left a trace
you prayed they'd slip through cracks on sidewalks and holes in lace

you were 10 years old when you were in a state spelling bee
you misspelled Antarctica and you said it was embarrassing
you knew your parents would never let you live it down
you walked away from the podium tears staining shaky hands

i didn't mean to make you the receiver
of my miseries now you're thinking how can i leave her
Track Name: Infinity
you do not care there's infinity in my hair
and i've been thinking about you all night
i've been tracing cat silhouettes so that we don't forget
forever we belong in each other's arms

i've entertained the notion
of you still in bed with me by morning

there's a circular box with a unicorn
next to a photo of you that's old and torn
we're lying with our eyes closed in my bed
in the ugly sweaters we bought for fall
we're slow dancing in the hall
to my favorite dashboard confessional song

circles are never ending
i'm spiraling down and you're condescending
i wish i knew why you had to go
and you always have to go
Track Name: Kiss Like A Statue
you say i kiss like a statue
frozen with fear whenever i look at you
it's cause i know you only compliment my clothing
so you can take it off and i'll let you touch me

oh oh oh you think you're a psychic
but i can read your mind before you've even thought of it

all i am is
something to fill your time
a body in your bed yeah
someone to cross your mind

you come across slightly too aggressive
when you're reaching for my heart and disregarding my ribs
telling bedroom secrets and force feeding lies
we are talking in circles and pacing crooked lines
Track Name: It's Bad Enough
it's bad enough that you broke my heart
but now we've gotta talk about it and rip it apart
until our ears bleed

you should have known better than to break this heart
cause i'm an artist and i'll rip you apart
through melody

don't tell someone you love them
if you're gonna leave them alone in bed
don't tell someone you love them
if you can't mean what you said

i don't know why you have to go
Track Name: Still A Fox
did you know there's wine on the island in the kitchen
i can't believe you said i'm only graceful when i'm sleep sleep sleeping

do you remember on the telephone when i cried
straight to your ears tears leaked from my eyes

you're snoring now and i love it when you ignore how
all i am is a contrary canary
but i'm crazy for you

i watched you cradling a tissue box
sneezing and sniffling you were still a fox

i will not lose my mind
i will not lose it this time
Track Name: Lullaby
you said my parents should have named me lullaby
cause i'm good at putting you to sleep
you said you wouldn't call me boring
but you don't think i'm very interesting

i am batting my eyelashes
but you can't hear it over the phone

i am trivial and you are vulgar
we can't get past cream and sugar
bored with coffee conversation
and mistakes we keep on making

we passed pigeons cooing on the side walk and
i asked you what you thought they said
i'm almost positive you didn't care
but you replied with "i'm not sure what they meant"

i am batting my eyelashes
but you can't hear it over the phone

verbally i can't keep my hands to myself
Track Name: Why Don't You Whisper?
you're different now and your eyes your eyes don't look the same
if i make it through this month i will sleep through May

why don't you whisper in my ear?
tell me the things i want to hear
are we in love are we in love or is it impossible?
should we give up should we give up or is it possible?
to get back to where we were

our electric hearts can't find the spark
let alone even start
so we turn out the lights and remember
it's easier in the dark
Track Name: Igloos Inside of Our Hearts
it should come as no surprise that i'm not pretty when i cry
i've never been easy on the eyes
and you'll become just like a bear hibernate cause you don't care
it's best to avoid my sad sorry and melancholy stares

i think we said "i love you" too soon
i was watching you break down in your bedroom
when i realized that it's my fault
we've built igloos inside of our hearts

my mother watched me iron my clothes and her heart sank because she knows
it's what i do when i am miserable

i think we said "i love you" too soon
i was watching you break down in your bedroom
when i realized that it's my fault
we've built igloos inside of our hearts

the grass was wet as we laid on our sides from the teardrops you stole from me last night

i will use my hands to hide my face but you don't care you just stare into space
my eyes are red like tulips in the garden it's your fault this heart's so hardened